3.3 Starting KX-TVA Maintenance Console
The instructions listed below explain how to start KX-TVA Maintenance Console. These instructions are for when connecting to the VPS via USB.
The screenshots shown here are for reference only, and may differ from the screens displayed on your PC.
Click the KX-TVA Maintenance Console shortcut icon.
Select the appropriate VPS model and click OK.
The Enter Programmer Code dialog box is displayed. Enter the installer level programmer code (default: INSTALLER) and click OK.
A programmer code is required to use the KX-TVA Maintenance Console. The System Administrator can change the programmer codes (see 1.9.10 Utility—Programmer Code in the Programming Manual).
The Set Default Parameters window is displayed the first time you start KX-TVA Maintenance Console. Select the TVA Type, PBX Type, and Integration Mode. Change the default parameters listed in the window if necessary, then click OK.
The main window is displayed.
Click ConnectUSB from the menu bar, or click Connect on the toolbar, select USB in the Connection Mode dialog box and click Next.
To connect to the VPS via USB, the KX-TVA USB driver must be installed on the PC, as explained in “3.2 KX-TVA Maintenance Console Installation”.
Enter the installer level password (default: 1234), then click Next.
The installer level password (also called the administrator password) is required to access the VPS for programming. The System Administrator can change the password (see Password in 2.8.1 Administrator in the Programming Manual).
Click Finish when the message Connected! is displayed.
You may now begin programming the VPS. To choose the area you would like to begin programming, click the desired icon in the Shortcuts menu.
To connect to the VPS via LAN, first connect to the VPS via USB and set the appropriate LAN settings. Refer to 1.9.13 Utility—LAN Settings in the Programming Manual.
To connect to the VPS via modem, refer to 1.5.4 Connect—Modem (Optional) in the Programming Manual.
If programming the VPS for the first time, the Quick Setup utility can help you program essential settings quickly and easily. See 6.1.2 Quick Setup for more information.
KX-TVA Maintenance Console supports versions 1.0 and 1.1 of the KX-TVA50 and KX-TVA200. The software performs according to the version number of the connected VPS.
Software features, design, and system requirements are subject to change.
Programmer Levels and Passwords
There are two levels of access to the KX-TVA Maintenance Console: Installer and User. Each level has a programmer code, which is required to start KX-TVA Maintenance Console, and a password, which is required to access the VPS using KX-TVA Maintenance Console.
The Installer level provides access to all VPS programming parameters and should only be used by the System Administrator.
Default Programmer Code
Default Password
No restrictions
Access to screens and parameters can be restricted*3
See 1.9.10 Utility—Programmer Code in the Programming Manual to change the programmer codes.
See 2.8.1 Administrator in the Programming Manual to change the Installer level password.
See 1.9.9 Utility—Screen Customize in the Programming Manual to change the User level password and restrict User level access.
Program Mode
KX-TVA Maintenance Console has three programming modes: Initial, Batch, and Interactive. The current mode is displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen.
Initial Mode
When KX-TVA Maintenance Console is started, it enters Initial mode. From here, you can choose to enter Batch mode or Interactive mode to program the VPS.
Batch Mode
Batch mode allows you to create new system data files and make modifications to system data files saved on your PC without being connected to the VPS. Later, when you connect to the VPS, the system data stored in the PC can be uploaded to the VPS.
To enter Batch mode, select an option from the File menu.
Interactive Mode
Interactive mode allows you to directly modify the system data and settings saved in the VPS’s memory from a PC that is connected to the VPS. This mode displays the system data that is currently being used by the VPS. Data can be modified and results displayed in real time.
To enter Interactive mode, select an option from the Connect menu.
Standard Buttons
There are several standard buttons that are displayed on many screens within KX-TVA Maintenance Console.
Accepts the settings that were made in the current screen and closes the screen.
Accepts the settings that were made in the current screen and leaves the screen open.
Ignores any changes made in the current screen and returns to the previous screen.
Displays the relevant help topic for the current screen.